F2 VRS Collars

F2 VRS Collars


F2 Variable Resistance & Suspension (VRS)Collars
Let’s face it, in 2024, the resistance band bar is an old idea. Why spend $600 when all you need is a bar and rotating collars to connect resistance bands (or any other type of resistance)?
Sold in pairs of 2

Please Note: This is a custom product. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.


F2 VRS Collar – More than Just a Another Resistance Band Collar

Our patented rtHook and F2 VRS Collar line allows you to connect all types of resistance to any type of bar. From flat bands and tube bands to chains and body weight, our collars provide versatility for bars of any size, from 1″ to 2″ in diameter. Best of all, our MULTI POSITION feature allows you to connect and position the resistance that you want!

*This purchase is for:

  • ONE F2 Collar Wrench
  • TWO F2 VRS Resistance Collars (Selected Size)
  • TWO F2 rtHooks (Long)
  • TWO F2 Eyebolts
  • TWO F2 Eye bolt connectors (Short)
  • TWO F2 Safety adjustment nuts
  • TWO F2 Locking Collars (Optional)

Modular & Versatile

F2 VRS Collars are sold in pairs and made from chrome-plated stainless steel, making them versatile enough for a range of activities, from regular Olympic bar collars to T-bar grip collars. But we haven’t stopped there – we’ve added a patent-pending dual safety lock design to ensure that the locking screw stays tight and in place during use.

Solid Steel

Made from high-quality steel, this collar is built to withstand the heaviest of lifts. The patent pending design allows for a secure grip on the barbell, ensuring that your weights stay in place and don’t slip during your reps.

Key Features:

  • Multiple Size Options: Designed to fit 1″ inch, 1.25″ inch, 1.50″ inch and 2″ bars.
  • Solid Construction: Made from chrome-plated stainless steel for unmatched durability and strength.
  • Dual Safety Lock: Our patent-pending dual safety lock design ensures the locking screw stays tight and secure during use.
  • Heavy-Duty Performance: Commercial grade steel allowing them to be used for multiple types of training.

Versatility and Reliability:

Our F2 VRS Collars, sold in pairs, offer solid construction and versatile design, making them perfect for a wide range of activities and essential for any fitness enthusiast.

Lifetime Guarantee:

We stand behind our product with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE, meaning you can lift with confidence knowing that our F2 VRS Collars are built to last. Don’t settle for single-use collars that’ll only cost you more in the long run – choose  F2 VRS Collars and save money without sacrificing quality.

*F2 Bar, F2 Hand Grips, F2 Adapters and plates are sold separately

Weight 3 lbs

1.25" inch, 1.50" inch, 1" inch, 2" inch


w/Lock Collar, w/o Lock Collar

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