VRS Power Straps

VRS Power Straps


VRS Isometric & Straps are the ultimate solution for adding safety to your training, while optimizing your isometric workouts.

Key Features:

1. Quick Adjusting and Leveling: Achieve the perfect workout length swiftly and precisely, enhancing your ring exercises with seamless height symmetry. Our user-friendly guidebook illustrates the easy length adjustment process, ensuring a hassle-free experience during your workouts.

2. Hassle-free and Safe: Crafted with heavy-duty nylon tow straps and reliable carabiner attachments, the VRS Straps guarantee a secure and slip-free connection, even under intense, repeated use. Bid farewell to concerns about connectors slipping or fraying, and enjoy a smooth, safe workout. No more bothersome excess webbing interfering with your gym rings exercises.

3. CAM Buckle Technology: Our innovative CAM buckle technology allows for a workout length of up to 4ft, providing versatility and adaptability to your training needs. Simply feed the strap over the anchor point and thread it through the buckle for a quick and secure setup.

Benefits of Isometric Rings Training: Unlock a myriad of workout possibilities with VRS Straps isometric training. Perfect for enhancing core strength, mobility, and focus, these straps are ideal for a variety of exercises, including F2 Bar and body weight workouts, F2 Angle CamHandle pull-ups, push-ups, F2 Angle CamHandle dips, F2 Angle CamHandle chest flies, ring front lever, cross holds, reverse row sit-back and more.

Package Included: Your purchase includes one pair of VRS Straps, designed to elevate your isometric workouts to new heights. Experience the convenience and unparalleled training session every time.

Upgrade your fitness routine with VRS Straps – where precision meets performance.


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