F2 IsoResistance Platform

F2 IsoResistance Platform


The Ultimate Combo of Resistance Bands and Isometric Training!
The unique patent pending design of the F2 IsoResistance Platform is guaranteed to give you better results than other resistance band and isometric system because we’ve combined them into one product!

Please Note: This is a custom product. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.


How the F2 IsoResistance Platform Works

Please Note: The F2 IsoResistance Platform shown in the video is the S-Series. The IsoResistance Platform S-Series offers the same features but designed differently.  See below for more details.

While similar isometric and resistance band platforms are available, only the IsoResistance platform is designed so connect resistance bands with connectors on the side, but also heavy duty enough to be used as and isometric platform with a bolt connector in the center. This makes it a great for isometric concentric and resistance eccentric training. The unique patent pending design is guaranteed to give you better results than other isometric and resistance band systems because we’ve combined the best of into one product!

IsoResistance Platform P-Series vs. IsoResistance Platform S-Series
The IsoResistance® Platform is now available in two models, the S-Series and P-Series.

  • IsoResistance Platform P-Series uses the F2 Half Steel Frame Kit, also functions as a stand-alone platform, constructed from commercial-grade steel, but the platform is crafted from heavy-duty HDPE plastic, offering a cost-effective option for multipurpose training. However, it does not fully integrate into the F2 Bench or F2 Portable Belt Squat.
  • IsoResistance Platform S-Series includes the F2 Full Steel Frame Kit, constructed from commercial-grade steel, designed for heavy-duty multipurpose training. It functions both as a stand-alone platform and as an accessory to the F2 Bench.
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