F2 Bearing RoarTator Kit

F2 Bearing RoarTator Kit


Enhance Your Training with Superior Rotation
Our new patent F2 Bearing RoarTator Kit puts a revolutionary spin on the ChainBeast! Specifically designed for use with the F2 Bar or any 1″ bar, and a ChainBeast, its simple yet elegant design offers a more efficient rotation solution than our older Universal RoarTators, simplifying and improving the experience of your workouts.

Sold in pairs of 2 only.

*Requires ChainBeast Standard or ChainBeast PRO. ChainBeast PRO XL is not currently supported.
Design Note: For best results, use with rtHook (Short)


Introducing the NEW Bearing RoarTator: A Game-Changer for the F2 Bar and ChainBeast

Why Choose the Bearing RoarTator?

The F2 Bearing RoarTator Kit adds a revolutionary spin to the ChainBeast! Specifically designed for use with the F2 Bar and ChainBeast, this innovative component addresses a common yet overlooked problem: bearing failure.

Problem Solved:
Bearings inevitably fail over time, but with our patent-pending design, you won’t need to replace your entire resistance band bar. The Bearing RoarTator decouples the bearing from the F2 Bar and ChainBeast, making it easy to replace only the bearings when necessary.

Easy Maintenance:
When the bearings wear out, simply replace them without the hassle of discarding and repurchasing the whole bar. This cost-effective solution ensures your equipment remains functional and ready for use.

Smoother Rotation:
Experience enhanced performance with the Bearing RoarTator’s smoother, more efficient rotation, improving the quality of your workouts.

Upgrade Your Training Equipment:

Designed for the F2 Bar and ChainBeast: Seamlessly integrates with your existing setup.

Innovative and Patent-Pending: Stay ahead with cutting-edge fitness technology.

Cost-Effective: Extend the lifespan of your equipment with simple bearing replacements.

Order Your Bearing RoarTator Today and Experience the Difference!


1.25" Kit for F2 Bar, 1" Kit for ANY 1" Bar

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