F2 Grasp Handles

F2 Grasp Handles


Grasp Handles
Allows you to easily add more comfort and safety to ANY bar! The revolutionary training accessory that takes your workouts to the next level! When used with our patented ChainBest innovation, you’ll be able to transform the way you use your bar and open up a world of possibilities.

Requires a ChainBeast PRO.

Please Note: This is a custom product. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.


Upgrade Your Workout with F2 Grasp Handles

This purchase is for:

  • ONE F2 Grasp Handle Toolkit
  • TWO F2 6″ Grasp Handles
  • TWO F2 ChainBeast PRO’s
  • FOUR Bar modifiers
  • Custom sizes can be requested for an additional fee.

Tired of wasting money and space on specialty barbells that do the same thing? Struggling to find the perfect bar size for your training needs and body type? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Reduce Pressure on the Wrist

Shoulder-Friendly Bent Rows
Looking for shoulder-friendly bent rows? Try adding F2 Grasp Handles to your bar! Experience the comfort and effectiveness of reduced wrist strain. Give it a try and feel the difference!

How F2 Grasp Handles Work

A Simple Way to Upgrade Your Barbell Training
Good techniques are timeless, but the equipment used to implement them should be adaptable and evolve as required. That’s where the F2 Training System comes in.

Custom Camber Handle Placement

Perfect Fit for Any Bar
F2 Grasp Handles work with ANY Bar! You can place them ANYWHERE on YOUR bar to guarantee the most COMFORTABLE hand position for YOU! It’s the perfect way to upgrade traditional Olympic bars, 1″ Standard bars, resistance band bars, and more.

Wider Fit for Broader Shoulders

Customize Hand Placement
If traditional Safety Squat bars make you feel like you’re in a cramped roller coaster ride, you’ll love being able to customize the hand placement of your F2 Grasp Handles. Whether you need a bar for a 52″ shoulder spread or a 40″ spread, a traditional long Olympic bar for chest press and squatting, or a short bar for resistance bands or hip thrusting in small spaces…the F2 Bar has got you covered.

Reusable with Other F2 Products

Maximize Reuse and Save More
Already have a ChainBeast PRO, ChainBeast PRO XL, or F2 MultiCollar? Good news! You’ll save even more because you already have half the product! Unlike other fitness companies, we don’t create odd-sized products that force you to buy even more odd-sized products. Our goal is to innovate fitness equipment that solves the same problem as overpriced equipment by maximizing reuse of your existing F2 fitness equipment.

Join the Revolution

Customizable Training Equipment
Join the revolution in customizable training equipment with the F2 Training System and the new F2 Grasp Handles!

Upgrade your workout experience today with F2 Grasp Handles! Don’t settle for less when you can have the best in customizable, comfortable, and efficient barbell training.

F2 Bar, rtHooks and F2 Adapters and plates are sold separately

Add ChainBeast PRO

with ChainBeast PRO, without ChainBeast PRO

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