Tube Bands: Weighted Rated & Cloth Covered

Tube Bands: Weighted Rated & Cloth Covered

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Weighted Rated & Covered Resistance Band Training Package

Premium Quality

  • Heavy-Duty Bands: Made from a natural rubber/latex compound, our bands are built to last.
  • Stackable Resistance: Our bands offer resistance up to 150 pounds, making them suitable for all fitness levels.

Unique Resistance Mechanism

  • Consistent Resistance: Our bands provide consistent weight application, regardless of their length. A 30lb band gives 30lbs of resistance at 90-100% stretch, whether it’s 1 foot or 3 feet long.
  • Dual Resistance Effect: Set included two of each band allowing for 2x the resistance at full stretch.

Why Choose Our Snap-Proof Covered Resistance Bands?

Kit Includes:

  • (1) Four Position Door Anchor Harness
  • (1) PlyoBelt for door hip thrusts
  • (1) ALLN-1 Belt for banded belt squats*
  • (2) Solo grips
  • (2) Door anchors
  • (4) Mini Glute Bands
  • (4) High Capacity Carabiners
  • (10) Matching Long Cloth Covered Tube Resistance Bands*

Safety First

  • Snap-Proof Design: Our resistance bands feature a durable tube covering that offers protection even when other brands’ bands break. Avoid the risk of damage to your home or injuries to yourself and others. Workout with peace of mind, knowing you’re using Snap-Proof Covered Bands.

Portable Gym Solution

  • Workout Anywhere: With our resistance tube bands, your gym is wherever you are. Whether at work, school, or on vacation, you can easily carry these bands and get a full-body workout in just 20 minutes.

Stop Wishing, Start Working Out

  • Take Action Today: Stop dreaming about getting in shape and start making it a reality. Don’t wait for a magical “tomorrow” – your time is now! Let’s achieve your fitness goals together.

Progressive Weight Training

  • Effective Workouts: Resistance bands offer progressive weight, meaning the more you stretch them, the more resistance you get. This principle has delivered tremendous results for millions in the fitness industry. We offer the most cost-effective alternative for progressive weight resistance training.

Get Yours Today!

Transform your workout routine with our Snap-Proof Covered Resistance Bands. Don’t compromise on safety or quality – choose the best for your fitness journey.

Order Now and Start Seeing Results!

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