F2 Bar & F2 IsoResistance Platform Elite Package

F2 Bar & F2 IsoResistance Platform Elite Package


In a market flooded with fitness bars designed by enthusiasts rather than seasoned professionals, the F2 Training Systems stands out as a testament to innovation and expertise. For the average person training at home, consistency is key. Overbuilding equipment may lead to unnecessary expenses and chronic injuries. The F2 Bar focuses on promoting a healthy and mobile lifestyle, prioritizing the well-being of our users over unnecessary weight capacity.

F2 IsoResistance Platform P-Series Elite Kit Includes:
ONE Elite Toolkit
ONE 10.5″ F2 Half Steel Frame Kit
ONE 24″ F2 IsoResistance Platform P-Series
ONE F2 Center Isometric Eyebolts
ONE 17″ F2 Bar
ONE 34″ F2 Bar (2 x 17″ F2 Bars)
ONE 24″ F2 Padded Seat
TWO F2 Carabiners
TWO ChainBeast PROs
TWO ChainBeast PRO XLs
TWO 8″ F2 Olympic Adapters
TWO F2 Side Isometric Eyebolts
TWO F2 rtHooks (Long)
TWO F2 rtHooks (Short)

Bands not Included. Shown for demonstration purposes only.

Dimensions 26 × 13 × 8 in


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